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Make Music Online Free With Music Making Tools
Make Music Online Free With Music Making Tools

Powerful, online music studio

TwangPro™ is built on a deeply-rooted passion for music and a crystal-clear understanding of every musician’s desires! TwangPro™ is a highly sophisticated and modern platform that is dedicated to serve the needs of music makers with ease and perfection. It stands as a representation of how digital technology and love for great music can be combined to deliver a hassle-free way of music making!
Try our music maker app today and explore one or more of our features that are mentioned below.

  • Make music online free and share it on a real time basis.
  • Real time collaboration with friends.
  • Automatic lyric generation through our Artificial Intelligence-based Lyric Genie!
  • Overabundance of loops.
  • Access to multiple virtual instruments.
  • Easy addition of lyrics as well as videos.
  • Easy-to-use DJ Mixer.
  • Multitude of sounds.
  • Great all-round effects.

Also, TwangPro™ is 100% web-based and users do not have to download or install software onto their PCs.

For all those who love music making!

Music thrives on passion and our music mixer app has everything to get your passion ignited! From connecting your own instruments to adding videos, we know the challenges that are faced by an emerging musician and have therefore included every possible feature to make TwangPro™ your ultimate online music making partner! If you have true passion for music making, then TwangPro™ is all that you need to make a song online!